Key maintenance tips for elevator building advertising machines

author: Echo
Nowadays, many elevator buildings have installed online advertising machines, which can be remotely controlled and managed through a network connection. Information is released in real time, and the machines are switched on and off regularly, without the need for personnel to arrive on-site for management. Many users do not do subsequent management and maintenance after installing the advertisement and use it normally, and will only ask technicians for maintenance when the equipment fails. In fact, in daily use, it is necessary to maintain the equipment, and daily maintenance can avoid many small problems. Extend the service life of the advertising machine.Here are some daily maintenance methods for you:
1. Maintain a stable voltage environment.
Because elevator advertising machines are used in public places, if the voltage is unstable, it will cause damage to the advertising machine, so it is very important to have a stable voltage environment. Display terminal equipment has a rated working voltage, try to use a relatively stable voltage to avoid damage to the equipment
2, ventilation and heat dissipation are required.
Place the advertising machine in a ventilated and dry place as much as possible, do not block the air vents, air outlets, etc. on the outer casing of the advertising machine, and do not block the heat sink to affect the heat dissipation function.
3.keep cleaning and dust removal.
The advertising machine should be cleaned regularly. When removing the dust, it should be wiped with a dry cotton cloth. Do not use a coarse rag to avoid scratching the LCD screen and the casing. In case of hard-to-clean stains, please use special cleaning agent for LCD screen, do not use other chemical agents to avoid corrosion of the machine and affect the appearance.
When encountering a machine failure, do not blindly disassemble and repair it by yourself, so as to avoid electric shock accidents or secondary damage to the machine, you should contact the after-sales personnel of the manufacturer in time, and professional maintenance technicians will guide the inspection and conduct on-site maintenance.