Why do ATMs use metal keypads? In addition to sturdiness, there are these considerations

author: Alice
First of all, it's about quality. The metal keypad is stronger.  As a high-frequency machine, ATM is used by various people, and each person has different operating habits and different qualities. There is no guarantee that everyone will love a machine. At this time, if a plastic keypad is used, it will undoubtedly increase the maintenance cost of the ATM.

The second is safety considerations. After we press a key, heat conduction occurs due to the temperature difference between the key and the human hand. After we press a key, the keypad temperature changes. At this time, a thermal sensor camera can be used to observe which keys have been touched. It also increases the risk of bank card password leakage.

Finally, it is anti-static. The metal keypad can transmit the static electricity of the human body to the ground through the metal shell of the ATM. Prevent static electricity from affecting the inside of the ATM.

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